Nifty Drops — The First NFT Drop Mobile App that Bridges All Blockchains

Nifty Drops
4 min readJul 1, 2021

Watch NFT Drops Like a Hawk — Across All Blockchains

All NFTs💧 All blockchains💰 We list them all!

Delaware/London, July 2021 Nifty Inc, the Delaware-based NFT tech company has announced the launch of the Nifty Drops App, the first IOS and Android App — to feature live and upcoming NFT drops across all blockchains.

Nifty Drops — For NFT Collectors & NFT Creators

The pioneering app has been designed to address a couple of major limitations with the current NFT marketplace firstly by listing NFT drops that traverse all blockchains meaning that rather than NFT collectors only being able to view NFT drops on one NFT marketplace and one blockchain at any one time, they can now view NFT drops across the whole marketplace on the Nifty Drops app.

Furthermore, with so many new projects launching each day, it can take NFT buyers hours of research, hunting across NFT marketplaces and social media posts, to find the perfect NFT drops.

The Nifty Drops app solves all of these issues and more… ↓

All NFTs💧 All blockchains💰 We list them all!

The handy Nifty Drops app comprises a calendar of live and upcoming NFT drops where NFT collectors can quickly and easily swipe through to view the latest NFT drops and click directly through to the NFT marketplace to bid on and buy the NFTs that catch their eye.

From the app, users can also conveniently view NFT drops in their own local time zone and and turn on in-app notifications to receive an alert to their phone shortly before each drop they’d like to watch or bid on. The developers have also added an extra measure to ensure NFT buyers never miss another drop, users are able to add the date of any NFT drop to their iPhone or Android calendars and set additional alerts from there.

The Nifty Drops app also offers NFT creators the facility to share their NFT Drops on the app’s central database to get their projects in front of NFT buyers and collectors and maximise the reach of each and every NFT drop they make for free.

Who, What, Where?

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What’s Next?

NFT creators can currently add NFT Drops to the app for free by sharing the link to their listing on the Nifty Drops Telegram group. However, further app functionality is in development including the facility for creators to be able to share their drops directly to the Nifty Drops calendar.

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About Nifty Drops

The Nifty Drops App, which is wholly owned by Nifty Inc. is the first IOS and Android App to feature live NFT drops across ALL blockchains, helping NFT collectors find NFT drops and NFT creators market their NFT launches to the masses for free.

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Nifty Drops

The First IOS Android NFT App across all blockchains to monitor NFT Drops in real time and in your own time zone.